Write Your Own History – Part 1|St Andrews Links Trust|Director Stewart Sugg | Evoke Films

Write Your Own History – Part 1


Stewart Sugg

Client: St Andrews Links Trust

We pitched a range of creative concepts to the St Andrews Links Trust – the Home of Golf. We went on to produce 2 x 30 second adverts to promote its prestigious heritage and to convey its spirit of openness – where everyone is welcome.

Our approach was to show St Andrews as a place where you can create your own little piece of history – and experience more than you ever thought possible. We did this through the memories of a young man thinking back over the great time he had there with his friend.

Shot in a constructed docu-mercial style, we see them having a fun, happy, rewarding and surprising visit to St Andrews – a place where golf, history and heritage walk hand-in-hand with innovation and technology.

Filmed over 4 days on an Alexa camera, we battled the elements to capture the actors against beautiful iconic and coastal scenes and in warm and friendly town locations.