Paralympic Campaign Series|Directors Simon Baker & Kevin McKiernan | Evoke Films

Paralympic Campaign Series


Simon Baker & Kevin McKiernan

Sainsbury’s and Channel 4’s ambition to make the Paralympics as high-profile as the Olympics was one of the biggest marketing challenges ever undertaken. And they struck gold; their strategy not only made sponsorship and broadcast history but was instrumental in changing the perceptions of disability sport.

Evoke Films played a key part in the campaign; winning a highly competitive pitch by conceiving a concept which developed into the multi-award winning film series “Sainsbury’s and Channel 4 Present… London 2012”.   Contrasting intimate narrative with visually striking cinematography, the films short-wired viewers to a selection of exceptional athletes and drew in high audiences, peaking at over 49 million views on  Channel 4 and digital platforms.

Rob Ramsey, Channel 4 Partnership Leader, says of the films place in the campaign:  “These films told incredible athlete stories of dedication, sacrifice and success. The plan was to focus on compelling film content first and then once they were engaged we begin to talk more specifically about the Paralympics.”