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The Power of Memorable Content

Emotion influences memory. That, as they say, is ‘a fact’. It’s why we remember exactly what we were doing on the morning of September 11th 2001 but probably have no idea what we were doing on September 11th 2019. Highly emotional events are processed and ‘banked’ in our long-term memory, whilst more mundane activities go straight in the ‘forget’ bin.


What does this mean for marketeers? If we discover how and why an emotional experience...

Calling All Football Fans… Evoke Are Casting


Love football? Love travel? Would you follow your team to the furthest corners of Europe?

Welcome to The Europa Job!


We’re looking for four pairs of football fans from around Europe to take part in a branded entertainment series for one of the UEFA Europa League’s sponsors.

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Making Working From Home Work – 7 Top Tips.

Working from home can increase productivity and creativity, can provide a better work/life balance and can also help businesses attract the best talent from a more diverse pool of candidates. In recent years employers have become more agreeable to WFH (as the cool kids call it) requests from their employees or from freelancers, but how easy is it to be productive when you don’t have your colleagues and the...

5 Things to Think About When Navigating the Jungle of Cross-Platform Deliverables

Producing for a single delivery format is rarely an option anymore. These days we consume films on many different platforms and devices of all different sizes, therefore we need to produce more deliverables in more formats, often with different languages versions too. But never fear, Evoke Films are on hand to lead you through the jungle of cross-platform deliverables.

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3 Things We’ve Learned from the Women’s World Cup

The 2019 World Cup has been a landmark tournament for Women’s Football, as record-breaking audience figures show the game has truly entered a new era. As more brands vote with their feet and roll out long term sponsorship deals, we look at three things we’ve learned from this year’s tournament:

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