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Making Working From Home Work – 7 Top Tips.

Working from home can increase productivity and creativity, can provide a better work/life balance and can also help businesses attract the best talent from a more diverse pool of candidates. In recent years employers have become more agreeable to WFH (as the cool kids call it) requests from their employees or from freelancers, but how easy is it to be productive when you don’t have your colleagues and the working environment around you?

Here are our 7 top tips for maximising productivity when ‘WFH’:

1. Assess your job/tasks

As a first step, you should honestly assess whether your job/task is suitable for working from home and whether you would actually benefit from it. Don’t try and force a WFH day just because you don’t feel like going to the office. If you won’t be able to do your job properly don’t abuse the flexibility of your employer.

2. Assess your work environment

Make sure you have the right set up that enables you to do your job properly. This may be small things like a desk and a quiet space, but also internet speed and phone reception. Any disruption to these may make the whole point of working remotely effectively null.

3. Get Ready / Get dressed

Don’t fall in the temptation of spending the day in your pyjamas! Get ready as if you were going to work, it will help getting you in the right mindset, and get you out of embarrassing moments *ehm* dreaded video call *ehm*

4. Write a to do list

Start off by writing down all your tasks for the day. Once you have set your to do list, you can organise your day according to your diary and the tasks you have to achieve.

5. Find a spot without many distractions

Avoid laying on the couch. As well as it being bad for your posture you will be daydreaming/real dreaming in no time at all. Instead, if you don’t have a desk space available, work from your kitchen or living room table which will help you feel more like you’re in an office environment.

6. Start a Pomodoro cycle

The Pomodoro Technique is great! It’s a time management method that is thought to help reduce the impact of interruptions on focus and flow. Through a timer you break down work into intervals, usually 25 minutes long, separated by short breaks. Each interval is known as a pomodoro, which means ‘tomato’ in Italian, and it is followed by a short (3-5min) break that aids assimilation. After four pomodoros, which form a set, you get a longer 15-30min break and rest up. Here’s a Chrome Extension to get you started.

7. Keep contact with your colleagues. 

Working from home on your own can feel a bit isolating, which one of its biggest limitations. However, keeping in contact with your colleagues through regular check-in calls and emails, will help make sure you are kept in the loop and increase collaboration.

It’s important to keep in mind that working remotely won’t always suit everyone or be feasible for all industries.


Carolina Rinaldi, Producer and Executive Assistant/Agent of Coco the dog.