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Crossing the Rubicon: First Day On Set

Evoke’s Team Assistant shares her thoughts of her first experience working on a film set.

Within a couple of hours, an eclectic space was transformed into a tropical haven. Pineapples, mangoes and pomegranates galore alongside suspended flamingos and painted parrots. A Caribbean Island brought to set timed alongside the hottest day of 2018, creating a hot and humid tropical atmosphere in Southwark, London.

The day started early, 7 am on site. The first job, work out how to brew coffee in a catering size percolator. The crew was next to arrive, large in number and appetite. Sausages and berry pots devoured, coffee slurped and they were ready to go. Next, the talent. The first hiccup, they arrived late. This proved slightly tricky as it cut the filming time short. However, it was interesting to see the Director and Producer come up with a plan to still get the most out of the day.

The schedule became a guideline – crew, and team reactive to changes in the games order and moods lifted with terrible interpretations of ‘military medium’ – watch out for this sketch!

The day was long but a huge learning curve. Firstly, being a ‘runner’ entails everything from noise control to catering to car watch. Despite suspending parking bays for crew vans, cars were parked there and we needed to get them towed away. But this of course caused noise! Filming was subsequently interrupted – no matter how prepared you are for a day on set, anything and everything can change.

On reflection, the sound people were the friendliest of the crew members and the catering and snack selection key to a happy team. While my personal highlight was a kiss on the cheek from Jonny Bairstow, the lunch tiramisu was not far behind.

A little piece of advice for someone about to embark on his or her first shoot, wear trainers. You will spend 99% of your day on your feet quite literally running between people, props, rooms and drinks orders. Good luck and make the most of it!

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