3 top tips for working with online influencers | Rubicon Drinks Campaign 2018 | Evoke Films

3 Things to Think About When… Working with Influencers

Entertainment, humour, depth or meaning – these are things digital influencers can bring to content to help brands really connect with audiences on social media. But if you get it wrong, reputations wobble and you create the modern-day equivalent of a cheesy infomercial. Here are three things we’ve learnt along the way:

  1. It has to be an authentic partnership – audiences are savvy (and so they should be). The relationship will only be trusted if the influencer truly believes they can tell the story for the brand through their own words.
  2. Don’t just rely on gut instinct. They may feel the ‘right voice’ for the brand, but get the engagement data. Or even better, the  audience insights to judge whether their followers are truly best for the brand. There’s no point casting a YouTuber followed by millions of teenage girls to target male millennials, even if he is one.
  3. Let the influencer to post the content in their own voice, there’s nothing more disengaging than reading one of your favourite celebs spout scripted copy for £££££.

Watch one of our own productions featuring influencers in a campaign for Rubicon drinks.