3 Top Tips for Luxury Brand Marketing | | Evoke Films

3 Things to Think About… When Working with Luxury Brands

In many ways, the art of marketing a luxury brand is completely counterintuitive.

Whilst most brands are constantly trying to broaden their market, luxury brands will often try to restrict access to their products, creating a culture of exclusivity. Whilst mass brands push products on their customers, luxury brands pull customers into a privileged inner-circle.

Evoke have produced brand campaign content for one of the largest luxury brands in the world for over a decade. Here’s three things we have learnt along the way.

1. Create aspirational brand values. Unlike mass brands, companies marketing luxury goods do not need to appeal to everybody. Instead, the brand values that you communicate should appeal to an aspirational group whose beliefs align with your brand truths.

2. Heritage is everything. Whilst mass market brands will often position themselves in relation to their competitors, luxury brands focus solely on their own story. Heritage is a key part of defining the narrative behind the products and creating a brand mythology.

3. The quality of the content should match the quality of the product. People invest in luxury goods because they want the best. But more than a quality product, what they are really buying is the idea the brand represents. The success of the brand depends entirely on your ability to effectively communicate their story.