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3 Things to Think About When Interviewing for an Entry Level Job

Landing that first production job when you leave university can be a hazardous task. You’re probably still weighing up what exactly what you want to do in your career, so knowing how to market yourself can be tricky. But never fear… Evoke Films are on hand to help.


Here are three common mistakes people make when interviewing for entry level production jobs.


  • 1. Choose a discipline.


It can be very tempting at the start of your career to list all of the production skills you learned at film school. But trying to sell yourself as a jack-of-all trades can backfire. We’ve seen an awful lot of job applications where the applicant has listed themselves as Director / Producer / DOP / Camera Operator / Editor / Production Assistant / Runner. Ultimately this gives you no idea of what area this person wants to ultimately focus on and makes it difficult to judge where they are in their career.


  • 2. Don’t over reach.


Many university graduates make the mistake of selling themselves as Producers, Directors and Production Managers based on their film school work. What employers are interested in is your professional experience. By all means list your university and personal projects – everyone loves a motived self-starter. But don’t try and pass this off as professional experience.  Be honest, employers will appreciate this more.


  • 3. Keep it relevant.


For almost every entry level job, whether it’s Production Assistant, Runner or Researcher, the interviewer simply wants to know that you’re going to make their life easier. The most important thing to project is your energy and enthusiasm.